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Medical Affordability Program

The Medical Affordability Program is a special energy assistance program available from Xcel Energy and our partner, the Energy CENTS Coalition, a community-based organization that promotes more affordable utility service for low- and fixed-income Minnesotans with special medical needs. The program will launch on January 15, 2018.

Based on household income, the customer will be required to pay a set amount each month for electricity. Each time a payment is made, Xcel Energy will retire a portion of the past due amount on the bill.

The program is available to Xcel Energy customers who meet all of the following requirements:

Additional Resources

Medical Affordability Info Sheet and Application (PDF)

Medical Affordability Application (Hmong)

Medical Affordability Application (Somali)

Medical Affordability Application (Spanish)

Critical Life-Sustaining Medical Equipment and Emergency Form (PDF)

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