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Low Income-Qualified Home Energy Savings Program

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If your income qualifies, you can use these free services to save money and energy. We recognize that energy costs can add stress to your household budget. That's why we've teamed up with our program service providers Energy CENTS Coalition and Sustainable Resources Center, Inc. to help. The program is customized for your home, and with this program, you could receive:

  • Savings on your energy bills
  • Free advice from an energy expert
  • The advantage of free energy-saving improvements
  • Replacement of older appliances with newer models


Step 1 - See if You're Eligible

You must be an income-qualified residential electric or natural gas customer with us. Your income, based on the number of people in your household, must be at or below 50% of the state median income as shown in this table. To find out if you're income-qualified, contact the program service provider in your area.  

Step 2 - Find Your Service Provider

You will need to see which program service provider you'll be working with based on your location:

Service Provider Locations Service Provider Locations

Step 3 - Schedule a Home Energy Savings Visit

An energy expert will come to your home, install LED light bulbs, and show you small changes you can make to help lower your energy bill. It's all absolutely free.

During the appointment, we'll help you determine if you qualify for other free energy-saving services. These services include weatherization and appliance replacement:

Weatherization Services Weatherization Services
Appliance Replacement Appliance Replacement
Additional Information Additional Information

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