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Electrical Construction Testing for Builders

Keep your electrical systems working by programming ECT into your next project.

ECT (Electrical Construction Testing) is an Xcel Energy support group that will:

  • Verify the safety and reliability of new electrical systems;
  • Diagnose and solve problems interfacing new equipment into existing electrical systems.

Through its qualified technicians and access to Xcel Energy resources, ECT also has the capability to provide:

  • Electrical contract administration
  • Consulting and Startup assistance
  • Complete documentation-from test data to drawings
  • Training for your maintenance and operations personnel
  • Engineering services and support

ECT will perform electrical testing in substations, all types of generating plants and industrial facilities.

Qualified Personnel and the Latest Equipment

All ECT technicians have at least six years of formal training and apprenticeship, plus extensive field experience. Technicians have the expertise to test and calibrate:

  • Generator protection relaying and equipment
  • Generating plant and industrial relaying and equipment
  • PLC and hard-wired controls for auxiliary systems
  • Protective relaying schemes for high voltage transmission lines, distribution circuits, and transformer protection
  • Communications including Carrier and tone transmitter/receiver equipment
  • Transducers and SCADA Systems
  • Miscellaneous systems, including Fiber Optics, lighting and HVAC

Technicians carry their own certified test equipment, which is calibrated regularly by our independent instrumentation service.

The Capabilities for Any Electrical Project

Through its services, ECT can help:

  • Eliminate failures of existing equipment by testing all parts of your new integrated electrical systems.
  • Ensure reliability and timely completion of new installations by checking the functions and calibrations of electrical systems to diagnose and solve problems early in the project.
  • Develop and upgrade drawings and documentation.

ECT Knows Electrical Equipment

Our technicians have worked at all Xcel Energy plants, at all substations within Xcel Energy and for other utilities, and at industrial facilities.

To make sure our technicians will be available to service you, program ECT early into your next project.

Additional Information

Standards for Electric Installation and Use Manual (Blue Book)

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