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Net Metering & Interconnection Developer Resources

Process for Requesting Interconnection and Net Metering

Customers may install rooftop solar and receive the same net metering benefits as under the Solar*Rewards incentive program through a request for general interconnection. Customers who wish to install solar systems outside the Solar*Rewards incentive program keep the renewable energy credits (RECs) associated with their solar production.

We have developed a standard process for electric customers who wish to install solar and receive a net meter but not participate in the Solar*Rewards program.


Customers installing distributed generation (DG), particularly Solar PV, may have questions related to the following and may submit questions to

•    Types of  (DG) that qualify for net metering (renewables and high efficiency CHP)
•    System sizes that qualify for net metering (less than 1 MW AC)
•    Cogeneration payment rates and optional banking of excess generation
•    Solar PV demand credit (qualifications and calculations)

Application Submission

You can apply for all types of interconnections through this new Interconnection Application Portal, including Solar*Rewards, Solar*Rewards Community and net metering. All new applications must be submitted through this portal.

For in-progress applications started prior to December 9th, 2019, these will continue to be managed using the existing portal below: 

Engineering Review

Once the study fee has been received and all other documents and steps outlined in the application documents have been met, the application will be sent for engineering review. You will receive an email to inform you that the application has been sent for engineering review.

•    Our team of engineers will review the application within 15 business days of receiving all required plan documents and the required interconnection study fee. If changes are necessary, an email will be sent to the installer requesting specific changes be made to the site plan, line diagram, and/or application details.

•    We strongly encourage a resubmitted application be returned to Xcel Energy within 10 business days from the engineer(s) initial rejection date.

PV & Inverter DER Reference
Xcel Energy Telemetry Requirements for Distributed Energy Resource Interconnections

Final Documentation

•    When the project receives approval from engineering, you will receive an email notification confirming that the system has been approved.

•    The installer is responsible for obtaining signatures and ensuring forms are complete before submission. Meters will not be ordered unless all above criteria outlined in the application forms have been met.

Meter Order and Installation

When the signed and dated final documents and inspection have been received, Xcel Energy will order the net meter and inform the installer that they may make an appointment with the metering department to complete the witness test with the meter technician at the time of metering installation.

Once the meters have been installed, billing will set up the customer on net energy billing and the process is complete.

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