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Prospective Suppliers

At Xcel Energy, we recognize the importance of strong partnering and collaboration with our suppliers who play a vital role in our success. Our valued supplier relationships will support Xcel Energy’s growth, cost reduction, and improve our customer relationships initiatives. As a potential supplier to Xcel Energy, you will be expected to deliver on your contractual commitments in support of these critical company values. 

Supplier Registration Process

Xcel Energy uses an invitation based registration process which requires each supplier to be sponsored by a Supply Chain representative in order for your registration to be processed.  When sponsored, your Supply Chain professional will email a PDF form to fill out for registration.  Once you have completed and signed the form, email it back to your Supply Chain contact along with a copy of company W9.  Once your registration is received you may be able to participate in new bidding opportunities, enter into new contracts with Xcel Energy, receive purchase orders or receive payments from Xcel Energy.

Supplier Diversity

We strive to broaden our business partnerships to be inclusive of the diverse communities we serve. Partnering with diverse suppliers like you also contributes to the economic growth and expansion of our communities. Our policy is to offer businesses an equal opportunity to compete in our purchase of products and services.

Learn more about our Supplier Diversity program.

Contractor Safety Process

Xcel Energy’s Contractor Safety Program requires contractors that perform construction, maintenance work, or work with hazardous chemicals or in hazardous areas be approved to work for Xcel Energy.

These contractors must complete the contractor safety vetting process by Xcel Energy’s 3rd party contractor safety administrator. This includes submitting their safety performance data and documentation as well as written safety programs that meet all Federal and State OSHA requirements. Programs that do not meet the standards must be updated and resubmitted for auditing approval.

For bidding purposes only, contractors may be directed to a pre-bid portal to submit the above information/documentation for review by Xcel Energy’s Contractor Safety Department to determine if a contractor may qualify to bid on a project. Written Safety Programs may be reviewed by Xcel Energy but will not be audited. The contractor must pay a minimal fee to the 3rd party contractor safety administrator to submit this information. If a contractor is registered in the pre-bid portal and is then authorized for full safety vetting, additional information will be required along with submitting the remainder of the full safety vetting fee. The 3rd party contractor safety administrator will assist the contractor once completely registered in the full safety vetting process.

Contractors seeking full registration and vetting should be aware that the process could be time consuming. Only contractors serious about completing this process should register with the 3rd party contractor safety administrator.


For support or questions, please email or call our Supply Chain Hotline team at 303-628-2644 during normal business hours (7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. MT).

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support of our business.

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