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  2. Villa vs Fulham

    Thats nonsense. Arsenal always have injuries.
  3. Villa vs Fulham

    No problem then Tanser. what ever it takes to keep the site up and running
  4. Villa vs Fulham

    I have installed some ads via adsense, to generate some money towards upkeep of the site. This is probably what was happening.
  5. Villa vs Fulham

    It was another one of them games where we could have capitulated after the equaliser but, have to say a great three points. Chances before and after Terry's opener, should have consolidated a convincing first half result but, we didn't take our chances and then dallying on the edge of the box cost us. Although Fulham had possession, they didn't control the game and apart from two stunning saves from Johnston, they didn't do much in the final third. We had a few nervy moments but, Fulham are decent at attacking and very decent away from home... attacking them and controlling possession would have been a dangerous game plan with their pace... I think Bruce got this one right! Now for the big one!
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  7. Villa vs Fulham

    What is this thing called possession ? Playing pass the parcel with the ball in your own half ? The important thing is what a team actually does with the ball , and if they do not score they do not win And what folk seem to forget is that it takes 2 teams to have a game/match . And if the oppositions tactic is to stop Villa having the ball in case they score, it makes the Statistics look bad . The important thing is the score line @ the end of the game even if it is boring for the fans
  8. Villa vs Fulham

    30,724 attendance is surprising. Just imagine if they were actually entertained along the way. So be it. An entire season of brutal football and being played off the park by every team home and away. Maybe I'm misinterpreting the possession stats as I didn't hear or see anything of the game, and we were entirely comfortable and happy to concede the majority of possession at home, for some reason, in front of a big crowd. Not sure I've ever looked forward to the end of the season so much in mid-October, but whatever happens, this is not the way forward for Aston Villa circa 2018/19.
  9. Villa vs Fulham

    Possession based football allows the team to control the game and conserve energy. Ever wondered why possession based teams have less fatigue, overall less injuries? They dont chase the ball as much.
  10. Villa vs Fulham

    How dare ye criticise the mighty Aston Villa of the SECOND tier of English football. Ye cannot do this as indeed we are supported by non other than the future king of Great Britain. Get him into the dungeon. On a serious nore for those that did not detect my sensational attempt at sarcasm. I agree with you. Nuno has transformed Wolves in to an exciting probing high pressing energetic team. Whereas brucie bonus has got us pla... meh. At least we won i suppose
  11. Villa vs Fulham

    Win is a win. Going to take a wild guess and say it was another ugly game, because if nothing else, that seems our identity under Bruce.
  12. Villa vs Fulham

    2:1 up to 5th, Not pretty. But its all about getting 3 points Happy days
  13. Villa vs Fulham

    final score 2-1 says it all !
  14. Villa vs Fulham

    Also 15 shots
  15. Villa vs Fulham

    Style is about fashion not sport !
  16. Villa vs Fulham

    Davies on for Kodja. he's one of our own
  17. Villa vs Fulham

    34% - 66%. We've not climbed above 36% all half. I'd argue that we are dominated home and away by almost every team we play, which indicates a lack of any semblance of tactics, made more obvious by our lack of identity in style of play.
  18. Villa vs Fulham

    Come on Villa, one way traffic now. lets have a third
  19. Villa vs Fulham

    possession is a meaningless stat to amuse players of computer games
  20. Villa vs Fulham

    4:1 written all over this game come on
  21. Villa vs Fulham

    35% - 65% at home to Fulham. It's a genuine question really... If we're not a possession-based team, or a counter attacking team, then, what is it that we do other than hope against hope for a lucky break?
  22. Villa vs Fulham

    Up to 5th with that goal! It's impossible to trust this team/manager though. Precursor to more frustration?
  23. Villa vs Fulham

    winning ! as Albert makes it 2-1
  24. Villa vs Fulham

    Getting a familiar feeling looking at the possession stats: 37% - 63%. What are we good at?
  25. Villa vs Fulham

    The perennial Championship question: Is there a link to the game?
  26. Villa vs Fulham

    Sunderland winning so Blues in bottom 3
  27. Villa vs Fulham

    1:1n that wasn't in the script
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