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  2. Lambert gone to Stoke

    I doubt we'l ever hear the full story about what happpened with Lambert whilest he was @ Villa but I heard that part of the problem was that he relied on the 2 deputies who got sacked too much , & after they left there was too much repair work needed to get squad performing . And I do say repair work as they 'd been undermining team confidence as a way of attacking him . What the issue was I don't know but it had ????something to do with Karsa being "family"
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  4. Lambert gone to Stoke

    Lambert lost confidence in himself when he was with us. First season I really liked what he was doing with the youth team and the way we played. But a couple of heavy beatings and he decided to go down the defensive route. I can't wish him badly as he kept us in the league for a long time. But I'm not sure he'll ever get that initial spark back. He struggled at Blackburn and at Wolves. Can't see he'll be able to turn it round at Stoke.
  5. with heavy heart

    Same here. For me it was the time when the forum was down for a prolonged period and I ended up finding somewhere else to post (VillaTalk - "TheStagMan") - that plus a combination of the poor performances grinding us down have just caused people to drift away (and also for me, new house, different job etc leave me with little time). It has been a good 10 years or so on here, and it has been fun, but I think this forum has run its course.
  6. Lambert gone to Stoke

    Lambert is a decent manager. His hands were tied here and we broke him. I hope he does well at Stoke.
  7. Fulham away

    This site is dead too C Gale, join us at Villa Talk
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  9. Fulham away

    Davis on for Snoddy
  10. Fulham away

  11. Fulham away

    Grabban on for Jedi
  12. Fulham away

  13. Fulham away

    Onamah on for Elmo @ LW with Snoddy reverting to RW
  14. Fulham away

    So Tuanzebe is @ rb with Elmo @ RW And Snoddy has switched to LW .And it would seem Bjarnason is playing as our 10 instead of Jack
  15. Fulham away

    #AVFC XI: Johnstone; Elmohamady, Chester, Terry, Hutton; Snodgrass, Jedinak, Hourihane, Tuanzebe, Bjarnason; Hogan. Subs: Bunn, Taylor, Whelan, Lansbury, Onomah, Davis, Grabban. Going to be interesting to see how midfield /attack line up with that set of players
  16. Starting line up

    That move with Grealish and Onomah where Jack was bought down (should have been a pen) was just like watching City or Barca at their best. Stunning football. As was the first goal. Get our best players playing with freedom and they will flourish. I really hope we take Blues to the cleaners next week. I think we have 4 really huge games coming up. Blues, Fulham, Cardiff and Derby. If we can get through those with enough points then we're going up. Ps - will take a look at your settings with what I can... Haven't done any serious modding for a long time!
  17. Starting line up

    6 in a row baby! If any mod is interested, I couldn't start a new topic for the Burton game, as there is no option to on my end. Grealish was heavily influential again. I honestly wouldn't take 70million for him. I know that seems ridiculous with how far he's got to go, but I actually think he might get there. I'm talking David Silva, Willian, Mata type good. He's got so much style. Fuck money, it's players like Jack we need at the club. That's going to be the best leverage in attracting other players to come build this great club back up to where it belongs. I just hope O'Hare and Davis get the chance to flourish here too, they both look to have what it takes from a glimpse. The United loanee was apparently very tidy too.
  18. Blades away

    Just as an aside... I saw a stat the other day. We won more games in January this year than we did in the entirety of the 2015/2016 season.
  19. Starting line up

    Can't argue with Grabban's scoring record, although I've never actually seen him play. Would be surprsied if Grealish loses his place in any case. Who knows though we are so stacked with the best players of the division it certainly isn't an eleven that picks itself.
  20. Starting line up

    there's been some talk today that Grabban likes a tall holdup man alongside him so perhaps that could be Davis ? But if Grabban plays @ 10 where does that leave Grealish ?
  21. Starting line up

    Bit disappointed for Davis if I'm honest, if Grabban comes in and plays ahead of him. Thought he was doing a good job, rising to the occassion, and who knows, maybe he could continue that improvement like Kane did for Tottenham.
  22. Blades away

    Important win. Didn't get to see the game unfortunately but excellent to take 3 points from a rival and push on toward automatic promotion.
  23. Starting line up

    Adomah needs resting so I can se Green getting back in team & I suspect Tuanzebe might get a start & after the subs on Tuesday we possibly might seee Johnstone Elmo Chester Terry Hutton Tuanzebe Snoddy Bjarnason Grealish Green Hogan
  24. Starting line up

    With Grabban coming in SB has even more options. When you look at the bench for the game against Sheffield United you have to expect Grabban will go on the bench in place of Davis. As there is no way SB will change the team that is on a 5 game winning streak. Then you consider Lansbury, Green, etc. can't make the bench when now fit. We have a seriously strong squad to choose from. I can't see players like Gabby getting a look in.
  25. Lewis Grabban

    Don't know a lot about him. But always good to have options
  26. Lewis Grabban

    It's now official Grabban has signed !
  27. Lewis Grabban

    Great signing that! Scored a bag load of goals for a really poor Sunderland team. Exactly what we need.
  28. Blades away

    Very exciting run we're on. Beaten a very good team and that 3 points could be massive!
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