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  2. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    Most have said we were poor in this one. So happy enough to come away with a point. I think this and the Leeds games are games we would have lost last year. We need to bounce back against Derby next week. Good to see Hogan on the bench as I think Davis needs a break, it's a lot to expect a lad of his age and experience to play week in week out. I'd like to see how we would get on playing Jack behind Hogan. I think Hogan makes intelligent runs and I think Jack has the ability to pick him out, so it could work.
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  4. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    not good enough. see you next week Avon
  5. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    Millwall hit the bar
  6. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    we are now hanging on Crap Match Stats Home TeamAston VillaAway TeamMillwall Possession Home54% Away46% Shots Home8 Away12 Shots on Target Home0 Away6
  7. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    Jack on for Snoddy
  8. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    Derby winning, now gone above us
  9. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    Home TeamAston VillaAway TeamMillwall Possession Home59% Away41% Shots Home5 Away6 Shots on Target Home0 Away3 Corners Home5 Away4 Fouls Home4 Away6
  10. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    Well, I'm not listening to it, or watching it, so have no idea how we're playing, but I'm going to take an educated guess that we're playing badly, as that's our style.
  11. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    following it on 2 minute txt from BBC Avon, on a dodgy internet connection (hence the slow reply) Mrs T watching Netflix at the same time . I need to get the sky engineer out
  12. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    ^^ Are you listening to it or watching it, Rob?
  13. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    Millwall are getting in to this game come on Villa
  14. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    Aston Villa 1Johnstone 21Hutton 5Chester 4Samba 3Taylor 7Snodgrass 6Whelan 8Lansbury 37Adomah 18Onomah 39Davis Substitutes 9Hogan 10Grealish 13Steer 14Hourihane 20Bjarnason 24Elphick 27El Mohamady Abdel Fattah
  15. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    My brother told me a similar story in the late 80's, whereby the Millwall supporters stormed the train full of Villa fans and went carriage to carriage beating people up. Anyway, time to give the top 2 something to worry about.
  16. Aston Villa Vs Millwall match thread

    Playing Millwall brings back memories, I went to the away fixture in 1975 at the old den It was a scary atmosphere, I don't remember the score. But I do remember Brian Little scoring with an over head kick. We lost a window in the coach as we drove away, Happy days 4:1 today
  17. Starting line up

    Bruce has already said RHM has to prove himself which I suspect means with the U23's & it's early days for Hogan the most likely fresh face is Lansbury who perhaps should replace the unpredictable Onomah , and give a few more goals like he scored in preseason
  18. Starting line up

    Have Jack or Lansbury done enough against Leeds to get in the starting 11? I think Onomal and Hourihane were poor against Leeds so maybe a few changes for this one. I think SB will go with this: Johnstone Hutton Chester Samba Taylor Whelan Snodgrass Hourihane Lansbury Adomah Davis I am hoping to see a striker on the bench, I saw earlier in the week that RHM is back training so maybe a place on the bench for him? *EDIT* SB has just said that Hogan and Jedi are back in training, so maybe won't see them this weekend but it's good to see them coming back for the crazy Christmas games. This is the kind of game we need to be putting 3-4 in the net, but I can see another tight 2-1 win.
  19. 1987

    That's the one, birthday is too close now. So I gave up and got some Villa history books instead.
  20. 1987

    Annoying. It was the first shirt I ever had. Christmas present! They had it for 2 years from 87-89. Quite hard to find that one around for sale!
  21. 1987

    tried there Dan, only have a large boys, I need a large mans . But thank you. It was the season Graham Taylor got us back up
  22. 1987

    I'd look for the shirt here: As for the team photo... maybe ebay?
  23. Sam Johnson and Carl Jenkinson

    Would agree with that. He's been excellent this year. Hopefully we can go up and keep him.
  24. Sam Johnson and Carl Jenkinson

    There is a lot of talk that United have triggered a clause in Johnstone's contract to extend for another year. They have no intention of playing him, but know they will get a bigger fee. Also means they are unlikely to sell him in Jan. I think the only chance we have of keeping hold of him next year is to get promoted. Otherwise you would have to think an EPL team will come in for him.
  25. 1987

    Morning Gents. I may have posted this in wrong area (if any one is still out there) My lad is 30 next week. I was thinking of getting him a 1987 Villa shirt and team photo But where from any ideas welcome (large)
  26. Leeds v Aston Villa

    Think a bit of rotation needs to come. We looked very tired on Friday, Davis battled but was ineffective, Onomah was anonymous, nothing worked for him, and Adomah couldn't do much with how Taylor was being targeted. Unfortunate we've no other real options up front, but there's options there for midfield and Landsbury and Grealish should come in to help freshen things up. Important thing was to not lose, keep the undefeated run going for as long as possible, those couple points will be invaluable come April.
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  28. Handy Parking - Pride Park - 16/12/17

    I hope this may be helpful to any Villa fans travelling by road to Derby for the game on 16th December, parking is available for away supporters on 2 sites [100 and 400 yards from the stadium] at £6 per car/van. In my opinion the best approach is via the M42/A42 giving you 2 approach options to Pride Park, if you leave the A42 at the A6 exit you travel via Alvaston [London Road]. On reaching the Derby ring road island go straight across in the left hand lane and then stay in the left hand lane and proceed along London Road to the next island, here you should turn right [signposted to Pride Park >>>] and go to the next island and turn right, go past the front of the stadium to the next island [opposite the Clough/Taylor statue], go straight across into RIVERSIDE ROAD, about 60 yards on the right is the FRENGER SYSTEMS car park, this is ideal for the elderly and less agile supporters. For those who may wish to eat/drink before the game, continue along Riverside Road to the last unit on the left hand side, the PRIDE VETERINARY CENTRE car park, this is handier for the away friendly hostelries, ask one of the attendants for details. You can also approach via M42/A42/M1/A52 [Jct25], on the A52 go about 1 mile past the SPONDON/ASDA exit and leave at the << PRIDE PARK slip road, take care as there is a pedestrian crossing immediately after the sharp bend. Go to the 3rd island and turn right into Riverside Road. At the moment there are road works [narrow lanes] near the Pride Park exit slip road, hopefully they will be gone by matchday. I hope this helps, have a safe journey.
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