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  1. with heavy heart

    Same here. For me it was the time when the forum was down for a prolonged period and I ended up finding somewhere else to post (VillaTalk - "TheStagMan") - that plus a combination of the poor performances grinding us down have just caused people to drift away (and also for me, new house, different job etc leave me with little time). It has been a good 10 years or so on here, and it has been fun, but I think this forum has run its course.
  2. Lambert gone to Stoke

    Lambert is a decent manager. His hands were tied here and we broke him. I hope he does well at Stoke.
  3. Villa Manager 2018

    No, this very valid discussion would and should be happening, holding onto that lead, like a lot of our wins is just papering over the cracks of a manager with no idea how to use the resources at his disposal, an unsuitable style of play and no clue how to remedy it except criticize the fans.
  4. Brentford

    Lets keep it civil please gentlemen.
  5. Match Thread: Aston Villa vs Sunderland (19:45)

    Fingers crossed for this one, should be a good opportunity to collect points
  6. Ever txd the wrong person

    Doh! Never texted the wrong person, but have done a few reply to all email by mistake.
  7. Olf Melberg

    Great achievement Olof - do hope he gets to the stage where he can manage us to greatness
  8. Match Thread: Birmingham City Vs Aston Villa

    Well, the rest of the results at the top have gone in our favour - we really need to win this one for just about every reason, we should be able to do it. Come on Villa!
  9. I have my first lap top

    Get yourself an external mouse (like the one you had on the tower) that will help a lot
  10. CEO Keith Wyness

    I'm still here, just don't post very often due to my depression about all things Villa.
  11. Aston Villa v Wigan match thread

    Congrats Rob, let's hope for a few more of them.
  12. Dwight's comments

    Thing is i cannot respect the comments of anyone who banged Katie Price and did not have the good sense to wear protection. Sorry Dwight - you may have valid points, but, nah!
  13. John Terry

    I actually think this could be good - a bit of a marquee signing, raises our profile and hopefully his attitude (as a winner) will rub off on the rest of the team.
  14. Who Wins Mk4

    Rob, you poor devil.
  15. Finances

    Thought that was for 2015 (I.e. still during the Learner years)? I hope that's a big write down of the money owed to Learner Pre-sale to give us a cleaner sheet this year. Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk