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  1. with heavy heart

    It's a shame a few are leaving, but i can understand why. As one of those who came across from the OS forums this was the best place going for a civilized discussion on all things Villa related. I'll stick my head in from time to time but haven't had the time to contribute as much as i used to and it's unlikely to change. A big shout to all the community past and present on here, you made it what it is! You're welcome to add me on FB - Andy Whitehouse I'll try and get on Villa talk too (think i may have signed up in the past but don't remember!)
  2. 2 Free Tickets for Bristol City

    Good on ya Unifan. Unfortunately i'm not about or i'd have been all over this! I'm sure you'll find a willing recipient
  3. Villa Manager 2018

    I think we need to back SB until the summer, as history suggests he will get us promoted (evidence may be contrary to that at present but i hold out hope). Long term i'm not sure. SB clearly isn't the answer but the malaise really does run deep at the club. We have a good academy and do have financial backing but only if we regain the income of the Premier League to push us. If we don't get promoted and spend another season in the Championship we may as well plan ahead more thoroughly with a cohesive vision from top to bottom based on a coaching and developmental route as we won't be able to spend our way out. It's a make or break season for us as a club as we've thrown all our chips in financially. Whether we're promoted or not i hope we're planning for every possibility behind the scenes. I say we get Zidane when he's sacked by Real. Sorted!
  4. Match Thread: Birmingham City Vs Aston Villa

    I'd say we had slightly better chances over whole the game but it's not an unfair result.
  5. Match Thread: Birmingham City Vs Aston Villa

    Not a bad start from us, we now need to relax into the game and use the midfield more. I don't like that it's Whelan marking NDoye - the guy's a giant!!
  6. I've learned i'm a glamour whore when it comes to football! The Championship is a poor quality league overall, and most games i've watched this season have been bereft of quality. I can't spend the time and effort to watch us a regularly as i used to, it's just not enjoyable or entertaining enough. I expect it from Villa, just not the opposition!! That said, it's been good to see us win again. The club is still vulnerable and awaiting the next catastrophe - you can feel the tension in the air at VP even recently. I hope we're not so damaged we can't put together a season to go up next year and build again from a more humble platform. I hope the club learns from this that we deserve nothing, regardless of history or expectation. You get what you put in and we need to a lot more hard work to get back where we belong.
  7. Will we go up?

    I think we'll finish exactly where most of us expected - mid table. If we use this season to settle the team and don't replace half the squad again in the summer i think we've got a real chance next season. We just have to keep some momentum and consistency, no 5 game bad streaks where we look abject.
  8. We're looking much more balanced today. What a lovely finish from Kodija!
  9. Brentford vs Aston Villa match thread

    No changes and more of the same ensues. This is really poor, no excuses for Bruce. Brentford deserve credit for their performance, they've capitalised on everything they could.
  10. Brentford vs Aston Villa match thread

    We have a bunch of players who haven't played together as a team and it really looks like it. Bruce needs to pull out plan B for the second half or we'll be well beaten here.
  11. Lansbury

    I hope we get this one done, we desperately need some fresh impetus and ideas in midfield. Seems like a good fit!
  12. Match thread: QPR v Aston Villa

    We deserve that on balance of play. After the penalty miss Kodija needed that! Come on Villa keep this up til the end!
  13. Match Thread: Norwich City 1 Aston Villa 0 (FT)

    It was a poor game from us, but we have to remember the squad is still made up of a majority of the players who have badly let us down over the past 2 seasons. No manager will find a miracle cure for mediocrity, but i expect Bruce to figure out Gabby and Westwood are the past and stop playing them.
  14. Christmas drinks

    I'm around Brum over Xmas, happy to meet up with you Dan, or any of our esteemed forum members. I live In Moseley/Balsall Heath so can get around town easily. A forum meet up is well overdue!
  15. Match Thread: Birmingham 1 Aston Villa 1 (FT)

    I'd have taken a draw before the game so can't complain about the result in the end. It's fair to say performance wise there's plenty to improve on.