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  1. Fulham away

    This site is dead too C Gale, join us at Villa Talk
  2. Blades away

    Get in
  3. Barnsley @ home

    3 goals but more importantly 3 points again I bottled it and cashed in at 3:1
  4. Forest away

    Morning Gents. I missed the lot, TV and commentary. It was my 60th birthday and Mrs T had arranged a week end in London. By your reports it sounded a rough tough game But happy days. 3 points is all that matters JT back and a clean sheet
  5. Bristol City

    Get in. I bottled out of my 4:1 bet at 4:0. and cashed in
  6. Middlesborough (A)

    nice to win\ but the SB circus continues
  7. Middlesborough (A)

    they made a sub
  8. Middlesborough (A)

    10 men
  9. Middlesborough (A)

    I was. But some how I locked my self out from posting. my text box at the bottom has gone LOL
  10. Middlesborough (A)

    1 goal in it. probably to Borough. Lost my optimism after SB did his pre match talk wish he would just hand in his resignation, rather than hoping to get sacked and have a pay out
  11. with heavy heart

    It is with heavy heart that I will be saying good bye to the AVFC forum. It was once an extension of my family. I enjoyed reading posts by Sir Rusty and others. But like all family members they move on. Now there are only a few of us left. At times a match thread isn't even started until after the game. The discussion points are only now the opinions of about half a dozen of us. I have registered to Villa Talk. I will pop in now and again to see how you are All the best Rob
  12. Brentford

    Oh dear gents Lets not squabble. There are only a few of us left on here and we are all passionate, or we wouldn't keep signing in. IMO quoting some one to say you don't agree with their opinion is not discussion, Its arguing. If you don't agree or have a different opinion. Then don't quote. Use your own words and say things like "I think", "I feel", "In my opinion" Its fine to quote if you like or agree with the statement Here endith the thoughts of an older man that's seen this all before Come on you Villa
  13. Brentford

    Wishful thinking cgale, But I will take any hope, This morning I feel sorry for the lads that went last night. Watching the Villa, standing in nothing more than a cow shed on another cold night. Watching them lose to Brentford (no disrespect meant. But fucking Brentford) I feel sorry for supporters like my lad that has inherited the Villa as his team and seen them win nothing. I feel sorry for me, 60 years old next month and having to watch the demise of Aston Villa all over again. Fed up of listening to Brucie say we didn't do well enough, well I expect that's what he said as I turned the TV off, because I couldn't bear to listen to him. With all the injuries we had, on paper we still had a better team than they did. If we lose the next two, SB has to go while there is still time to sort this mess out. Tony X should be tapping up a replacement now
  14. Brentford

    The only shining light was Jack. I'm off
  15. Brentford

    where the hell is the next win coming from Not this year