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  1. Villa vs Fulham

    No problem then Tanser. what ever it takes to keep the site up and running
  2. Villa vs Fulham

    2:1 up to 5th, Not pretty. But its all about getting 3 points Happy days
  3. Villa vs Fulham

    Also 15 shots
  4. Villa vs Fulham

    Davies on for Kodja. he's one of our own
  5. Villa vs Fulham

    Come on Villa, one way traffic now. lets have a third
  6. Villa vs Fulham

    4:1 written all over this game come on
  7. Villa vs Fulham

    Sunderland winning so Blues in bottom 3
  8. Villa vs Fulham

    1:1n that wasn't in the script
  9. Villa vs Fulham

    The moment we have all waited for JT 1:0 Villa
  10. Villa vs Fulham

    Better now I have cleared browsing history. Now come on Villa clear last weeks history and get on with it
  11. Villa vs Fulham

    I am finding the site full of adds is this my PC or is this the way it is now
  12. Villa vs Fulham

    Good afternoon gents I am back from Hols in the Canaries Luckily missed the Wolves game and the stick you probably all had So lets get back to winning ways today
  13. Match Thread: Wolves Vs Villa (5pm)

    Your in early with this thread Tanser, good to see you My heart says 4-1 Villa, my head says a draw. I have had so much fun winding up the Dingles at work. Telling them it means much more to them than to us. as they are just a small club. They all hate us but we don't give them a second thought. We land in Gran Canaria at 4:30 on Saturday. By the time we have got to our digs it will be nearly over. I have mentioned to Mrs T that we may get to see the second half in a bar. She thinks I am a comedian, actually she said. "going to watch football an hour into our holiday. Are you fucking joking"
  14. Aston Villa vs Bolton match thread

    we should be able to appeal against sending off.
  15. Aston Villa vs Bolton match thread

    nt nt lads