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  1. Aston Villa vs Sheffield Wednesday match thread

    Pathetic we cannot beat these teams Sheffield, Scum, Wolves, Villaboro, Brentford , etc etc etc , then what the fuck has Bruce wasted multi millions of pounds on ? . We ( Bruce ) has again spent money on players that have no interest of being here and are here for one reason that we pay prem wages for Championship football , it's a disgrace . Bruce has already turned two of the best strikers in this league i.e. Hogan , and McCormack into piss poor players , and from recent showings Kodjia is well on his way to becoming the third. He insists on putting faith into a player that no other team in the entire world would touch with a barge-pole ( Samba ) as back-up , and sells Baker to a rival for a pittance . He at every opportunity plays fat boy Gabby when he is not injured , and Flabby would be playing instead of Hogan if he had that choice while Kodjia is out . Bruce has had one decent game so far , one game where we showed what we can do , and that was against a Preston side that was playing down to the bare bones of there squad , and to be honest in that game we wasn't all that for the full 90 mins . All other wins have been more luck than judgement , and the draws we had we should have in the most part have been defeats . Enough with the "Bruce is the man to get us out of this league " brigade he fuckin isn't , what he is , is a manager stuck in the 90's playing 90's tactics, with a 90's mentality , and prioritizing players here that are way past it , or here on loan . Anyone REALLY believe we will sign this lad from Spuds if you do give your head a shake . He's another in the long long line that we have improved to go back to there parent club , rather than play our own youth who by the way we sell , and they come back to haunt us , great fuckin management skills shown there over years n years gone by . Terry out for 3 months , our options are : - Samba ( old, slow, clueless, hit n hope defender ) , Hutton moved to center back , and Taylor coming in @ left back ( best option of the lot imo ), Richards ( LMFAO ), that's it except maybe Lyden . No we ain't a one man team , but we certainly just lost the best man we have on show for the next 12 weeks min, and i just watched our automatic promotion limp off the pitch , maybe our playoff place as well . Get someone with a clue on standby to take over , cause watch us slip down this league faster than any team has done ever . Terry was the one thing motivating this team , he's out no fucker else will step up to the plate .
  2. Olf Melberg

    Honestly get him as manager ??. He has done well i ain't saying he hasn't , but Dean Saunders has more managerial experience , David Platt was second in command @ Man City , Southgate is the current England manager and i wouldn't want any of them let alone Melburg in charge here .
  3. Match Thread: Birmingham City Vs Aston Villa

    So again the derby is upon us , and again its a must win . However we need to play a damn site better than we played against Wolves that's a certainty . Win this we go 3rd if that is not motivation enough then something is very very wrong .
  4. Villa vs Forest

    ok 2 wins 1st a lucky keeper mistake , and a penalty / 2nd a defensive mistake from them and a free kick , however in both games we again went into limp mode was dominated on large by the opposition. Sorry not good enough , rose coloured specs do not mask the fact that we still have little to worry any that will be challenging for promotion . Bruce still clueless , still a manager who has no fuckin idea what so ever . Dropped lucky last two games , how long will his luck hold ? , not that long .
  5. Starting line up

    Herman, Dr T could go out and buy the entire playing staff @ both Barca, and Real Madrid to add to what we already have here . With Bruce in charge he would still play Gabby when possible , still go out for a draw before a win , and more than likely loan out Messi, and Ronaldo to Notts Forrest . Bloke has the staff as you list , and still thinks that a draw against Bristol is a decent result !!!, bloke is living in fuckin Nania . Sorry Mr Steve( i'm the promotion king ) Bruce , with the squad you have , the time you have been here , the money spent, the wages earned by these players and your so called experience in this league we should not even drop a point all season . Anything less than a record points haul , winning this league, and a half decent cup run this season is a complete fail on your part . BTW i fully expect you to fail Mr Bruce as you have before , so anything above 9th spot is far more than i expect from you anyway . I would have preferd we kept either RdM , or Sherwood to you as i rate you as highly as a manager as i do Corbyn as our next prime minister . In fact run for parliament they get paid for doing less even that you do which is quite a miracle if you think about it . You can polish a turd , but it's still a fuckin turd , and imo Bruce is a turd in the managership toilet bowl of life
  6. Starting line up

    After the cup performance i think even Bruce will see that the time is up for Flabby . He needs to give these kids a start now , yes Wigan wasn't the greatest test , but they won it , and won it well . Time to ditch some of the older dross , and give the kid's a crack .
  7. match thread Villa v Norwich

    play players in there correct position , and we have half a chance , don't play Flabby and those odds increase two fold . Nice win , but Bruce is still not the man for me i fully expect his defensive type of play to return sooner rather than later . Also i wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised to see Davis dropped for Flabby next game
  8. match thread Villa v Norwich

    Fully expecting a defeat today Norwich almost as bad as us however there players / management team will actually give a fuck , and try to win .Bruce again will come out trying not to lose and play the same defensive shite that he always plays . Then lose again as the players cannot play that way , and are all @ 6's & 7s no fucker knowing where to go , what to do . We all know he will play Flabby again as Hogan is almost certainly out , no chance of either McCormack , or RhM being given a go . Lose this will he be sacked ? i doubt it even though we are now bottom of the second tier league in the country .Spent a fuckin fortune , and Dr Tony might as well have spent nothing cause we couldn't be any worse off . Bruce has lost the dressing room no one gives a fuck anymore he has reduced the best strikers in this league to also rans, the best midfield setup to pussy whipped arseholes , and one of England's best captains/ Defenders to a shadow of what he was all within less than 12 months . Congrats Bruce you truly are a complete fart sucker 3-0 defeat
  9. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    one man should be put in for me , old skool will not play attractive football , but will get wins that is Fat Sam
  10. Starting line up

    Ithink after the game SB will go with this statement : - " how much is a taxi to new street station plz , and whats the train fare up north this time of night "
  11. Starting line up

    for our next game i would like to see --------------------------------The bloke who cleans the shiter out in the Holte--------------------- Car park attendent----Program seller-----------------hot dog seller ----------fella inside the mascot ice cream seller-------lad that sells dodgy tickets in the bullring-----litter picker from the Douge Ellis ----------------------------------------------------toilet cleaner------------------------------------------------------- ---------------Barman from the VIP section---------------lad who puts the letters on the shirts in the shop Then give all those wankers paid to play those jobs for a few weeks , just to bring them down to fuckin reality.
  12. Scott Hogan will play for Ireland

    and watch him score a shedfull for the Irish used as he should be used . He aint a lone striker , doesn't play that role at all well .
  13. So after 3 games

    herman22 says it all when Bruce says : - players like John Terry , ex England captain, multiple Premier league, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions league, Europa cup winner, cant handle playing for a side as big as Villa . Add Chester, Kodjia, Taylor, Hourihane,Whellan, Lansbury, all first choice players for the respective countries almost . Bruce is grabbing at straws . Truth is imo we have been shite since they appointed Calderwood , before he arrived not that bad since he walked trough the door instant dog shit as a team . Same thing happend when Keeno arrived here , and when Wilkins arrived here . Sherwood on his own doing ok Wilkins arrived again instant downhill spirrel
  14. November League Position?

    Lose against Norwich hes gone by August bank holiday Monday
  15. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Well calmed down a bit , not a lot , but a bit . Bruce has in the 10 months he has been here ( 10 months Steve not the 6 you said after the Colchester game ) taken the three highest rated goalscorers in this league and either turned them to instant dogshit , or worked them that hard they are injured . Taken proven premiership midfield players into this league and restricted every single one to playing at best Pub Sunday league standard,Taken proven international defenders , and made them so pathetic they wouldn't make the starting 11 @ Kidderminster town , finally destroyed the best English defender i have seen since Bobby Moore graced the pitch . He has spent god knows how many millions of pounds in doing this , has absolutely no idea of a formation , of any tactical way out of a game, no idea of substitutions to change a game . Simply the man is in my opinion as good as Garde was @ his worse . We look like a team of complete strangers , a team that has no ideas , and a team that is relegation fodder . We sit 2nd from BOTTOM of this league AGAIN . Nothing has improved , and he still blindly plays Flabby game in game out , Flabby again being our only fit striker atm cause McCormack is for some reason out of the picture , maybe he and Hepburn -Murphy are washing the fat fucks car ready for his departure . I was so looking forward to him being gone this morning , who to replace him with ? , i don't care . Promote John Terry to player manager he can do no worse , get Bruce , and Cunterwood the fuck out of this club , should never have got rid of Sherwood , he didn't get the players he wanted , he had nothing compared to what this fat fuckin toffeee faced cunt has had to spend , and no time to do anything , oh except get us to a final that Benteke , and Delph could not be arsed to play in . FUCK OFF BRUCE ,