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  1. PL and CL predictions

    I think it'll be between City and United for the title. City beating Chelsea last week is a massive result. I think City edge it at the moment but United have a lot of quality and Mourinho's style might just see them over the line. I'd put my money on city right now though. Champions league is wide open at the moment. Real struggling and Barcelona have political problems that may cause issues in the long run. I think PSG have to be in with a shout this year and the English clubs will do better than previous years. I'll go for PSG.
  2. November League Position?

    Results have actually gone pretty well for us since we picked up. Wolves losing mid week is big, as is Leeds getting thumped at the weekend. Ultimately, this is a tight league. Well, its a poor league if we're being honest. We still haven't really hit anything like top gear and we're sitting just outside the playoffs. Wolves game is our first real massive game of the season. They generally play good football and we struggled against them last season. Bruce will be safe by November. He's shown he can get good results when not playing great. We're a threat and solid enough now. I'd always like to see us dominating games because I don't think this league is a good enough standard to not do that (pretty sure that's a really poorly written sentence, but you get the idea). In the grand scheme of things, if we're in contention by the end of the year, we've got a really good chance. If we keep churning out the results with a settled team then there's every chance it'll all click and we'll go on to dominate teams and get promotion. I'll stick by my prediction of 4th for November.
  3. Villa Youth

    It just seems so obvious looking at it. As it stands, we're not capable of going big in the transfer market to compete with the top premier league sides. So we have to be smart and produce our own. Then get the signings in to complement those players. Build something sustainable and long term rather than just a side that could get dismantled at any point... even if the players do well and get sold to more successful teams, there's the chance we'll have someone else waiting in the wings to replace them and improve the side.
  4. Burton Albion Vs Aston Villa match thread

    Excellent stuff over the last few games. But tonight was what we should expect our performance level to be. Things are going well at the moment!
  5. Match Thread: Aston Villa v 'boro

    Nailed it. Stunned. I was speechless for numerous hours and then could only muster one word. Onwards and upwards.
  6. Watch Midweek Games on the App

    I'm guessing the deal / streaming will start from the deal start. I.e. 2019.
  7. Match Thread: Aston Villa v 'boro

  8. CEO Keith Wyness

    I think most of them stick to Twitter now. The idea of a Forum is considered 'old school' these days.
  9. Match Thread Villa Brentford

  10. Match Thread Villa Brentford

    Sounds dull. Make the changes and make something happen. Have to be dominating and winning these games if we actually want to achieve something this season
  11. Match Thread Villa Brentford

    Albert injured? That bench is pretty strong to be fair. Should be 3 points today.
  12. Starting line up

    Snodgrass is a great option but not sure exactly where he'll play. Great to have lots of different choices in positions and interested to see how it works out.
  13. match thread Villa v Norwich

    Just got off a 9 hour plane journey to read the good news. Glad he played Davis and Hourihane in his best position. Hopefully they'll kick on from here!
  14. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    It's not just 2 losses and 3 games though is it? Bruce has had 10?? months to get this right. 2 transfer windows and a full pre season. We should have hit the ground running this season. We shouldn't look clueless already. It's definitely a fair comment around who we bring in instead. Dean Smith is an obvious one but he may be thinking it'll basically end his career if he took this job and it doesn't work out for him. I'm frustrated as hell. It's like the summer never happened and we just carried on playing from last season. I'm struggling to get my head round it to be honest.
  15. Match Thread Cardiff (A)

    Yeh, you're right. It's completely fine to accept a 3-0 defeat to a terrible team. Can't wait until next week. Well done board and manager. Players too. Woohoo.