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  1. Lambert gone to Stoke

    Lambert lost confidence in himself when he was with us. First season I really liked what he was doing with the youth team and the way we played. But a couple of heavy beatings and he decided to go down the defensive route. I can't wish him badly as he kept us in the league for a long time. But I'm not sure he'll ever get that initial spark back. He struggled at Blackburn and at Wolves. Can't see he'll be able to turn it round at Stoke.
  2. Starting line up

    That move with Grealish and Onomah where Jack was bought down (should have been a pen) was just like watching City or Barca at their best. Stunning football. As was the first goal. Get our best players playing with freedom and they will flourish. I really hope we take Blues to the cleaners next week. I think we have 4 really huge games coming up. Blues, Fulham, Cardiff and Derby. If we can get through those with enough points then we're going up. Ps - will take a look at your settings with what I can... Haven't done any serious modding for a long time!
  3. Blades away

    Just as an aside... I saw a stat the other day. We won more games in January this year than we did in the entirety of the 2015/2016 season.
  4. Lewis Grabban

    Don't know a lot about him. But always good to have options
  5. Blades away

    Very exciting run we're on. Beaten a very good team and that 3 points could be massive!
  6. Forest away

    Good result away from home. Needed that to keep in touch with Derby and Cardiff.
  7. Starting line up

    I was thinking the same thing. It would be very harsh on Elphick who has been excellent since called upon. I really hope they can ignore the Cup loss and pick up from where they left off in the league. When you see the performance Bristol City put in against Man City, it really does put into perspective what a good win and performance our last game was.
  8. Bristol City

    Where did that result and performance come from?! Just goes to show that if we're positive, we can really mix it with the best in this league. I really hope this is the result to kick start them into being positive in every game. Good balance between defence and attack. Grealish apparently unplayable. Please keep it up!!
  9. Villa Manager 2018

    Smith seems a good option, although it was very interesting talking to my uncle and friends who are Brentford fans. They actually thought the football was better under Warburton than Smith. Or rather, more entertaining. But Smith is better at getting results. Brentford have totally outplayed us 3 times now. It’s always about whether a manager like that could step up from punching above their weight to a place where there is such high expectation. But I’d rather not get promoted under Smith with the aim for a long term view than not get promoted with Bruce (we won’t at this rate) with the short term thinking still in place.
  10. Brentford

    I went along to Brentford last night. It was depressing. Despite a full allocation the away fans were quiet. Nothing to get excited about. It’s frankly embarrassing how we play given all of the resources and players available. We can’t beat any half decent side and so what’s even the point of getting in the playoffs? I just can’t see how anything will change under Bruce. The team is a reflection of the manager. Dull and negative.
  11. Starting line up

    To be honest, at this stage my biggest worry is the results we get against the "good" teams... or the teams around us. We can talk to death about styles of football, but at the moment it looks like we're heading for the playoffs. Great on one hand as we have a chance... but on the other hand, we're not beating the teams that would be in the play offs with us. I do feel Bruce can be a little too cautious at times, especially away from home. Playing 0 strikers says that for me. We haven't hit top form which could be a good thing if we do start playing well when it matters around March / April / May. But at the moment, I'm struggling to see how we're going to get up unless we can start to be a bit more positive against the better sides.
  12. Starting line up

    It's an interesting one. I'd be all for giving RHM a try if he had more minutes under his belt. All for promoting our own and when I've seen him play a few times he's been excellent. The problem with both RHM and Hogan is that they're not target men type strikers. They're threat is in behind. Hogan with intelligent runs and finishing and RHM with pace to burn. I'm not sure either of them fit the style that Bruce wants to play. But you could see with Grealish, Onomah, Snodgrass, Adomah etc. behind them in the midfield that it could work with either of them. I have a feeling we might struggle through this tough christmas period until Jan. Then I'd see another loan striker coming in that fits the mould of what Bruce wants in a target man. We have a lot of games coming up. I'd try rotating between RHM and Hogan. We're away at Brentford on Boxing Day. Perfect chance for Hogan to come good?
  13. Derby (A)

    Absolutely agree. Balance is more important than individuals. And Bruce will always take a negative option over a positive one away from home. Even if not 100% fit, Hogan should have started.
  14. Starting line up

    Good question and a good point. I don't think my team would be far off that. There's Green who looked lively earlier in the season and Whelan vs Jedi is pretty close. Whelan has had a few dreadful moments but has generally been consistent. Jedi better on his day. I think I would pick the same 11 as you have Herman.
  15. Starting line up

    Sounds like Jedi might be back fit for Derby. I'd think he would start alongside Chester if he is anything close to 100%