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  1. Forest away

    I was really impressed with B.B. in the second half. Got stuck in at DM and used the ball well. When we have most available we have a very decent squad.
  2. Forest away

    Good win. Up to 4th!
  3. Forest away

    I agree. Get Taylor on and switch Hutton over to the right.
  4. Forest away

    Well on top in the second half. Need to get a second now.
  5. Forest away

    We’ve been poor since going ahead. Giving my the ball away and just lumping it for Hogan. Need to try get the ball down and play.
  6. Forest away

    Should be 2 up. Terry hits the bar from about 5yards.
  7. Forest away

    Terrible tackle on Adomah and not even a free kick. Get in Hogan!
  8. Just saw in the Mail that we are close to a deal with United to take Axel Tuanzebe on loan. I don't know much about him except he has played a few games for United this year and he is a DM/CM where we seem to have pretty good cover already. I does say in the article he can play in defense too so maybe a player to cover a few position, especially when it seems Elphick will leave this month. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/axel-tuanzebe-aston-villa-transfer-14146268
  9. Starting line up

    Just saw an injury update and it seems JT won't be playing tomorrow. He's rolled his ankle in training. Jedi is also a doubt. But Hogan is available. Obviously it's a pity JT is missing out but I don't think he should start either way. The last game we played in the league was a 5-0 thrashing of a team above us in the league. For me if they are fit all of those players should start!
  10. Coutinho

    We can dream!
  11. Posh

    Embarrassing loss, but happier to be out than going to a replay! Realistically we have zero chance of winning the FA cup so let’s just focus on getting out of this tin pot league.
  12. Posh

    Good start.
  13. Starting line up

    I just heard in the SB press conference that Hogan twisted his ankle and won't play this weekend. Onomah is fit and Lansbury is back but won't play more than 30mins. Terry and Green will both start.
  14. Starting line up

    Bikir? He’s right midfield!
  15. Starting line up

    I think we should be looking to give some fringe players some time while also getting players back from injuries. I'd like to see: Steer Bree Terry Elphick RDL Whelan BB Doyle-Hayes O'Hare Green Hogan I would rest Johnstone, Taylor, Hutton, Elmo, Chester, Jedi, Snoddy, AA, Hourihane, Grealish completely. Fill the bench with youth: RHM, Davis, Borg, Suliman, Clark, Taylor etc.