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  1. Starting line up

    I think SB has a few important decisions to make after the Wolves game. We were well and truly played off the park from what I've heard (I didn't see the game, just the highlights). I think he will put another man in midfield and put Kodija up top on his own. I've just heard Grealish, Jedi, Lansbury and Gabby are all out for this weekend. I think he will go with this: Johnstone Elmo Chester Terry Hutton Whelan Snodgrass Omomah Hourihane Adomah Kodija That would leave us with a bench of Steer, RDL, Samba, BB, O'Hare, Hogan, Davis. It would be nice to see Lyden get a chance at least from the bench but I don't see SB doing that at the moment. He won't want to get beaten again so will set up for a draw and hope either for some Kodija magic or something from a set-piece.
  2. James Chester

    Just saw an article that says Chester has played all of our last 57 league games. He played every minute of last season besides the first game when he wasn't a Villa payer and all of this season. Great record and for me he has been one of the stand out players since he arrived! http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/incredible-statistic-highlights-james-chesters-13781190
  3. Match Thread: Wolves Vs Villa (5pm)

    Didn't get to watch the highlights until today. Looks like we got well and truly battered. It does make you think about the defense that is put up all the time for SB? We need stability and he knows this league. Wolves manager came in in the summer and didn't work in the league before yet they are top of the league playing exciting, attacking football. Still we are very close to the top 6. Hopefully we continue to beat the poorer teams and get a play off spot. But looking at the way SB plays against better teams I wouldn't hold out too much hope.
  4. Match Thread: Wolves Vs Villa (5pm)

    I think if Davis is fit he will almost have to play two up top again as we have looked much better since going 4-4-2. But if Davis is out he has the ideal opportunity to get another body into midfield. With Taylor out for 3 games the big question is who fills in at LB? I think SB will go with this: Johnstone Elmo Chester Terry DeLaet Whelan Snodgrass Onomah Hourihane Adomah Kodija I think most likely a draw too but I think Wolves will be up for this one and a defeat wouldn't surprise me.
  5. Villa Youth

    Speaking of Villa youth, a few of the papers saying we have offered Davis a new contract after a cracking start to the season. Which he has turned down. Hopefully it’s just a matter of agreeing terms with him. Gabbys contract is coming to an end at the end of the season. Offer Davis half of the Gabby wages as an increase and it would secure him. But in reality the only sure fire way to hold on to good players is get back to the premier league.
  6. Aston Villa vs Bolton match thread

    Nice to get another win. Into to the top 6. Within striking distance of the top 2. Disappointed with the Taylor Red so close to the end. We have no cover at LB and that’s him out for 3 games.
  7. Aston Villa vs Bolton match thread

    Unchanged again. We we have looked much better since going to 4-4-2! I think this could be a big win. I’m going for 6-0!
  8. Burton Albion Vs Aston Villa match thread

    That’s a great result. When was the last time we scored 7 away from home in two games? Happy to be moving up the table. Need to keep this up now. Should be be another win against Bolton on sat. Could be in the play off positions by Saturday night.
  9. Villa vs Forest

    Nice to see the site up and running again. Always nice to get a win and we are on a decent run in the league now. For me success for SB is averaging 2 points a game. That's what's required for automatic promotion and we are still some way off that. Win the next two and we will be looking up. I think the return of Kodija is massive. No coincidence we have been winning since he came back.
  10. Starting line up

    Every couple of days I come on here and say "This is SB's last chance and he has to start winning etc." But every week we are shit and don't win yet he keeps his job. I starting to wonder what needs to happen for him to go? I think the team he picks for Barnsley away (on sky on a Saturday afternoon) will be interesting. We have been absolutely woeful away from home this season and I think he will play for a draw (like he always does) I'd love to see this: Johnstone DeLaet Chester Terry Taylor Jedi Snodgrass Hourihane O'Hare Adomah Kodija But I think SB will go with: Johnstone Hutton Chester Terry Taylor Jedi Whelan Snodgrass Hourihane Bikir Davis
  11. Match Thread: Aston Villa v 'boro

    That's surely that for Bruce? Can't beat a team with 10 at home. Enough said.
  12. Match Thread: Aston Villa v 'boro

    Not watching the game but seems we have been woeful again. Surely we can sacrifice a midfielder and get Hogan/ Kodija on. If we don't win this it has to be the final straw for SB!
  13. Match Thread: Aston Villa v 'boro

    Just saw it. Crazy tackle in his own half on Hourihane. Complete madness. Need to make this pay now.
  14. Match Thread: Aston Villa v 'boro

    Just Just saw this on sky sports. What did he do?
  15. Match Thread: Aston Villa v 'boro

    I think it's a decent team. BB on the left is a bit of a worry and I didn't expect Davis to be fit but delighted for the lad to get a run of games. Hogan and Kodija on the bench shows our depth. Just delighted to have Jedi back in the starting 11. We always look a better team with him in it. I don't know what to expect. But I'll watch as always.