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  1. Match Thread-Bristol City (a)

    Draw a fair result but expected and hoped for a better performance after the last two results. Although Johnstone didn't have much to do we still seem wide open at the back at times and it looks easy for teams to get the ball through to the attackers.
  2. Aston Villa v Wigan match thread

    Credit to SB for picking a team that got the job done with a comfortable victory. He was able again to give valuable experience to some of the younger players without ever looking in danger of losing. Well done to all concerned.
  3. match thread Villa v Norwich

    Look on YouTube. Some good highlights on there showing just what a handful Davis was.
  4. match thread Villa v Norwich

    My optimism has been tempered a little by reading that Gabby was supposedly injured and not dropped. No way should he be back in the squad unless we pick up more injuries. Davis was superb and should be allowed to build on that and kick on. Even when he has a poor game.
  5. match thread Villa v Norwich

    Would happily settle for that every week. Would even accept the odd 3-2 defeat if we played with that attacking intensity. Hopefully Bruce and his coaches have seen the way forward and will employ these tactics every week.
  6. match thread Villa v Norwich

    4-2 now. Hat trick for Hourihane. Can I relax now?
  7. match thread Villa v Norwich

    No clean sheet and the tide is turning. 2-1
  8. match thread Villa v Norwich

    2-0 Andre Green. Come on!
  9. match thread Villa v Norwich

    Sounds like we have started really well and Davis is impressing. Should be more than one ahead. Keep it going boys.
  10. match thread Villa v Norwich

    Finally no Gabby. Hallelujah! Come on now boys. Let's do this.
  11. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    ^^This. Completely agree. Bottom of the table now!
  12. Starting line up

    I would like to see one or two of the younger players given a chance e.g. Davis but we all know Gabby will be up front on Saturday.
  13. So after 3 games

    It's not just the fact we are losing though. The performances are RUBBISH. They are also boring. I don't get the `give players time to gel` argument. Hull city have been in a right mess before the season but at least they are giving it a go and playing entertaining football. God knows how they have put a team together but they haven't needed time to gel. Despite us taking the lead against them they outplayed us for large parts of the second half. Wolves have brought new players in. They haven't needed time to gel. Says more,surprisingly,about the lack of skill in our coaching team to me.
  14. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    His comments prove that he is as confused as fuck and under enormous pressure. One missed good chance is NOT enough. We should be creating more than that. We were lucky to get away with a one goal defeat and thoroughly deserved to lose. Surely we have players good enough to keep the ball so keep it away from Reading and it won't matter how good they are at passing and keeping possession.
  15. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    What a goal! I think that's what you call it. Great strike by Hourihane.