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  1. Leeds v Aston Villa

    I don't mean to sound like a cunt, but that's nonsense. The clever stuff always gives you an edge! An edge we need if we're going to close that 7 point gap, or win our reverse fixtures against Wolves or Cardiff. Spain and Barca 5-10 years ago were confusing, albeit wonderfully. False 9's and tiki-taka. Villa's last 5 years have been confusing. Bruce is doing a good job of balancing consistency with opportunity, I don't find him confusing. I think we're a little more control of possession away from creating those few extra and better quality chances each game, and closer to automatic promotion. That's only going to come with familiarity or identity as Avon says, and being a bit clever. Lansbury took the bull by the horns in this game and saved us a point. We had a number of other chances but the finishing wasn't there in this game. I'd like to see SB mix up selection a bit next match. O'Hare should always be in consideration with Davis up front. Personally I'd like to see Onomah replace Hourihane and either Jack or O'Hare in the hole,
  2. Leeds v Aston Villa

    I woudn't know how well Leeds played to gain their lead, but if the 2nd half is anything to go by the standard of play in the 1st wasn't anything special. So underwhelmed seems apt. From our perspective hopefully it's a blip in what's been a good run. Whilst not particularly imaginative or outstanding Bruce has the team playing with some degree of understanding and, for me, we're yet to see if that will progress, or if we can apply it against the better teams in the division. We've seen how anonymous highly regarded players can become when put in a new environment countless times in football. Right now what shouldn't be overlooked is under Bruce we are getting the results to be in the mix for automatic promotion. Whether we will see more dominant/stylish displays under Bruce, or if Wolves/Cardiff will slip up is all unknown for now. It was good to see Grealish and Lansbury both have an impact having not featured regularly.
  3. Leeds v Aston Villa

  4. Leeds v Aston Villa

    Bit harsh on Bruce I think. I suppose when you look at the 50+ then it puts your point of view in to perspective. I still think that he's doing well, without setting the league alight. We're competitive and rightfully 4th placed in the league. Arguably, improving. Whilst we bought the best of the division, it's still of the division, and therefore to be expected that we will be challenged by our competition. Our injury list puts us on par with other teams for talent. I'm not really sure we're on the same page as far as a confusing brand of football goes, could you elaborate? I actually find Bruce to be, from my understanding of football, quite textbook and predictable for the most part. There have been moments against lesser opposition where ingenuity is present, but I have to wonder if that's Bruce or the players simply enjoying some freedom. I think what gives defintion to successful tacticians (at least from an attacking play pov) is the ability to refine something a little bit unique, that and/or clinical. I don't think Bruce will ever be the former but would be open to the idea of him building a team that can be the latter. The main factor which would have me agreeing with your sentiments for post season, is that I assume (and kind of hope) that we will be more dependent on the team skills and chemistry we develop this season, to carry us through a return season in the PL, than we will be on aquiring new talent. I'm open to the idea that Bruce proves me wrong but I just feel that he is the perfect man to take us out of this league, but success in the PL without buying the best of that league too, might be asking too much. The point of my post was to say that I don't think we can level much criticism at Bruce right now. There's two teams which have categorically outgunned us and they both sit above us and I don't think it's beyond Bruce to turn that around come the second half of the season. Didn't see the first half against Leeds, but what I saw of the 2nd half from my shitty stream was a performance that deserved to be a goal ahead, and was far from our best. Which gives me hope that this team can take it up a few notches as the season progresses, which is exactly what we need. Can Bruce ensure that potential comes good? In this league, I think so.
  5. Leeds v Aston Villa

    1-1! My stream is terrible. Anyone got a link?
  6. Leeds v Aston Villa

    I've just tuned in. Hopefully 2nd half is better than the first!
  7. Aston Villa v Ipswich

    I don't. Here's 10 mins of highlights though. Jack barely features.
  8. Aston Villa v Ipswich

    Davis injury is a bit concerning. Anyone know how serious it is?
  9. Match Thread: Aston Villa vs Sunderland (19:45)

    Great result as we need to be picking up 3 points in these games. Bruce said we were awful and it was a difficult game. Look's like both Avon's and Dan's league table positions could be spot on for November, up to 4th!
  10. Starting line up

    And I'm glad he went on to make me look like a dickhead, scoring two goals.
  11. QPR vs Aston Villa Match Thread

    Have your streaming issues been resolved? I know Viloon was successfully streaming some months ago. Think it's great that the club offer such a service to international fans. Something I should really take advantage of. Great to get the result, would have loved to of watched the game. Lineup still very strong despite injury list. Can anyone comment on how Samba played? Despite a lack of pace I thought his efforts against SW were good. We're strong in every other position.
  12. QPR vs Aston Villa Match Thread

    I'm out lads. Raddude if your stream starts working fill us in on the game when you can. Enjoy the rest of your weekends.
  13. QPR vs Aston Villa Match Thread

    Yeah doesn't look it. Bummer, I stayed up to watch this one. I'll have to subscribe to AVTV. Is there a commentary on anywhere, might as well listen in.
  14. QPR vs Aston Villa Match Thread

    Looks like it's just me in here for now then. Lineup: Johnstone Hutton Samba Chester Taylor Whelan Hourihane Snodgrass Onomah Adomah Davis I'm glad to see Onomah starting. Not the team I'd of gone for but still happy with the selections.
  15. QPR vs Aston Villa Match Thread

    All match related posts in here. Important 3 points to be gained here. Plenty of injuries but I'm confident we can get up if our attack is on point. I'd like to see: Johnstone Elmo ??? Chester Taylor Whelan Hourihane Snodgrass(ribs?) O'Hare Grealish Davis If Snodgrass is not fit, replace with Adomah. Let's get more than two pages of posts as well! If you're lurking and we haven't seen you in a while drop a comment! It seems most of the regulars throughout my time here have removed themselves.