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  1. Starting line up

    6 in a row baby! If any mod is interested, I couldn't start a new topic for the Burton game, as there is no option to on my end. Grealish was heavily influential again. I honestly wouldn't take 70million for him. I know that seems ridiculous with how far he's got to go, but I actually think he might get there. I'm talking David Silva, Willian, Mata type good. He's got so much style. Fuck money, it's players like Jack we need at the club. That's going to be the best leverage in attracting other players to come build this great club back up to where it belongs. I just hope O'Hare and Davis get the chance to flourish here too, they both look to have what it takes from a glimpse. The United loanee was apparently very tidy too.
  2. Starting line up

    Can't argue with Grabban's scoring record, although I've never actually seen him play. Would be surprsied if Grealish loses his place in any case. Who knows though we are so stacked with the best players of the division it certainly isn't an eleven that picks itself.
  3. Starting line up

    Bit disappointed for Davis if I'm honest, if Grabban comes in and plays ahead of him. Thought he was doing a good job, rising to the occassion, and who knows, maybe he could continue that improvement like Kane did for Tottenham.
  4. Blades away

    Important win. Didn't get to see the game unfortunately but excellent to take 3 points from a rival and push on toward automatic promotion.
  5. Starting line up

    Did anyone catch West Ham trying to recall Snodgrass. What a blow that would have been! Cheeky buggers. So, what're are starting XI's for tomorrow? I'd like to see: Johnstone Elmo Chester Terry Taylor BB Onomah Snodgrass Grealish Adomah Hogan This is a must win game not only for our automatic promotion chances, but for our playoff chances too. Long ways to go and although we're all hoping those above us drop points those below us are still capable of accumulating points.
  6. Axel Tuanzebe

    Never heard of him. If he has the skills and competency then by all means. Have you seen any of his performances for United?
  7. Lambert gone to Stoke

    Who knows how it will pan out for him, far from the worst manager in the world. Stoke fans are probably rightfully miserable about being in the drop zone. They could do worse than Lambert, especially if he rekindles whatever inspired him at Norwich.
  8. Forest away

    Important win. Jack is playing so well. His control, touch, shooting and through balls are a pleasure to watch. Big things to come from him. Solid team effort but Snodgrass was a highlight as well. Thought we were the better team, created much better chances and could've had more than the one goal. I didn't realise how much Wolves had kicked on but we're closing in on 2nd nicely.
  9. with heavy heart

    If Rob and Avon are going I'll probably do the same. I've grown fond of this forum and it's posters but as Avon says it seems to have run its course. I'll continue to pop in and contribute if others are, but losing Rob and Avon is a heavy blow and unless there are people lurking it doesn't seem like the content is going to be on the rise any time soon. In any case wishing you all the very best for 2018. If I do stop posting here sooner rather than later, thank you to everyone who made me welcome, you know who you are. It doesn't go unnoticed.
  10. Birthdays Thread

    Happy birthday Rob!! Hope it's a great year for you.
  11. Coutinho

    If only..
  12. Villa Manager 2018

    Claudio Ranieri anyone? Surely we could prise him from Nantes, where he currently holds a 50% winning record, has them in 5th behind the competitions powerhouses, and 2 spots above where they finished the year before, immediate improvement. Won the Premier League with Leicester. Known as the tinkerman for being able to rotate squads and formations, we have that much quality at this level that might be an asset. I'm all for supporting Steve Bruce for now, but I do wonder if Ranieri would be an upgrade.
  13. Starting line up

    Disappointed for Hogan, should of had 2 against Bristol, Snoddy tapping in because of a good effort from Hogan. Not having much luck with our strikers, is Davis fit? One positive is that all of them have been a threat at some point this season, and I would assume can carry that on when the opportunity comes about again. Love the prospect of seeing Davis and O'Hare play together again. Terry back is a big boost. Onomah too, although no way is he touching Jack's place in our next Championship fixture. I don't really care who starts, as long as we are looking like a team progressing towards Premier League quality and status. As Ranieri says, "Slowly, slowly".
  14. Starting line up

    Aside from winning it, my interest in the F.A cup is to see how we fare against Premier League opponents. The win over Bristol City being the first real indicator that we're ready. Hogan was good against Bristol, I'd play him again. Other than that I think we should give players who could use a run the opportunity.
  15. Bristol City

    Good to see Jack playing with confidence.