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Following on from the "Future of the forum" thread and various posts by admins, a lot of discussion between the mods related to recent events on these forums has taken place and we have decided to implement new rules with regard to posts about Alex McLeish.





Whilst we accept that there is a lot of debate about Alex McLeish and his suitability for the position of manager of our great club, and that there are some people who are vehmently opposed to his appointment for whatever reasons - valid or otherwise, we are concerned that arguments about him are now permeating pretty much every thread on this forum, and a lot of these arguments are becoming far too personal between members. This is ruining pretty much every thread.


Discussions about McLeish have been done to death over the past six months, and quite frankly - it is getting boring. He is the manager and that is that until Randy decides otherwise. Insulting other members on a football forum is not going to change that fact.


Therefore, a new thread has been created for discussion about the manager. If you wish to discuss his good or bad points as a manager, do it in there. DO NOT hi-jack other threads. You may make comments about particular tactics or substitutions in a game during the match threads or comment on press conferences in the relevant thread about them, but comments about how he is a shit manager, has never been the right one for us, hate his negativity etc WILL BE DELETED without warning. If you wish to make such comments then do so in the McLeish thread. That way, those who wish to complain about him or defend him can do so, those who do not wish to hear it can avoid that thread.





The forum rules have always banned personal insults and threats, however it seems that it is necessary to repeat the rule. Personal attacks and insults will NOT BE TOLERATED.


Personal comments in threads will deleted and the culprits warned, repeat offences will result in bans. In light of recent events, we will take further action against ANYONE who goes beyond this - for example, abusive or threatening PM's to other forum members, (including mods and admins) will result in an INSTANT BAN of one month.



These rules are not up for discussion.


We do not want to over-moderate this forum, and for years our members have been able to moderate themselves with us only having to step in occasionally. However, after the amount of work many of us have put into these forums over a number of years we will NOT allow this forum to go the same way as many others such as the OS.


We will be actively and intensely moderating these forums over the coming weeks and will make no apologies for doing so. Hopefully you will all see that we are doing this in order to make this a more pleasant place to be, however, if you have a problem with this, or feel that we are being heavy handed then you are free to go and post elsewhere at a forum that better meets your needs.

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